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nyeto whispered: hello. which manga is this from? /post/46736472711

opss, is not a manga.

tropicalxthunder whispered: What's the name of the song on your tumblr? :)

Nell - Afterglow

called-to-be-bold whispered: Hello! I love your blog ^^ I saw your post here on tumblr, and if you don't mind me asking, would you happen to know where I can find the english version of Dengeki Daisy? I can only find up to chapter 65 and i'm so anxious to read more! It'd mean a lot if you let me know! thank you xx

Wow, thank you for caring and for liking this blog * o * 

currently the manga in English in this chapter 65, but the kissing scene is chapter 68 and is in Spanish that was where I read. I just modified that part into English. I’ll spend the site to read Spanish if that’s ok? >mangahere

Anonymous whispered: What chapter is that kiss from dengeki daisy that you posted

It is chapter 68

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