The pain is a kind of fear.


"My feelings are often cold, are cold, but always have a reason to behave well. But still I feel really, really, my feelings are deep, perhaps deeper than the depths of the sea, perhaps deeper than an abyss. So think before you want to play with my heart."


29 July 2012

For those who fell for Free! and/or Barakamon, gives a given in my two secondary. So far, so reblog, but soon I will posts (if not get lazy). It was love at Free!, but once I saw Bakaramon was another passion o(≧o≦)o

Finally, there is the link:

Free! & Barakamon

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These are nice


☄ Picture of you

♥ Name of crush

☯ Religion

✉ State of origin

♬ Favorite song/s

♪ Favorite band

☑ Full name

Ω Favorite Book

♘ Favorite Animal

✞ Are you religious

☥ Cats or dogs

☝ Dominant hand

♨ Ocean or Lake

♉ Star Sign

♧ Eye color

✌ Favorite character

✏ Fanfic writer or reader

✘ Biggest fandom 

☪ Hair color

♂ Gender

✈ Last vacation

☍ Silver or gold

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